A Peek at Yourself through God’s Eyes

I know so many beautiful, intelligent and fascinating women. Yet I can’t name one of them who does not struggle with self-concept in some way. Perhaps we need a new set of glasses when looking at ourselves. This passage from The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer gives us a glimpse of ourselves through the eyes of God. I invite you to take a peek at yourself through His glasses!

“Last night on television, I heard a world-renowned celebrity being interviewed. She looked beautiful. Charming. Every bit the prominent, accomplished, acclaimed public figure we’ve all seen on the stage of her profession. And yet even this woman—admired by millions, rewarded with great wealth, status, and fame—said something I really didn’t expect. Responding to one of the interviewer’s questions, she answered, ‘I’ve never had a very healthy self-esteem. I don’t even know how a person gets that. I’m desperately trying to figure out where to find it.’

“Huh? Her? Not happy with who she is? I was shocked. A woman with so much talent and prestige, now in her mid-fifties, having known little other than position and prominence her whole adult life, revealing an inner struggle she’d battled for years and years—the longtime attempt to discover, enjoy, and celebrate herself.

“We know from revelations like this, just as we know from our own struggles with the same kinds of feelings, that our true, lasting value must be based on something besides the visible and exterior.

“Not just something else but someone else.

“Hear it explained in His own voice as He speaks to a young man who’d similarly lost touch with a health self-concept. Seeking to encourage the young prophet Jeremiah, God said to him, ‘I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born. I appointed you a prophet to the nations’ Jeremiah 1:5.

“Read that verse again. Hear those three staggering declarations with the ears of a daughter listening attentively to the voice of her loving Father. ‘I chose you.’ ‘I set you apart.’ ‘I appointed you.’ This is truly who you are. A woman chosen. A woman set apart. A woman appointed. You are not here by accident at this moment [reading this]. It is no mistake that you are living right now with your own set of circumstances, dealing with your specific set of issues, all while working within your personalized set of skills and abilities. God made you you and has placed you here. On purpose.

He chose you. You are involved in a divinely designed, carefully calculated, and eternally significant plan. For reasons you may not fully understand or even agree with, God selected you as His own. This was not a quick, halfhearted decision on His part. It was a deliberate, volitional act of God Himself, made with thoughtful consideration and wisdom.

Choosing, as it is used in this verse, denotes a knowing. His choice of you was based on a deep, intimate knowledge of who you are. So even if you simply cannot fathom why God would choose a person like you to participate in a particular activity, He Himself is well aware of His reasons. He has selected you, and everything about you, to participate in the work He is doing at this point in history. Like a coach who methodically considers which runner to put on the track at particular stages of a relay race, God’s choice of you for this leg of the marathon was by design. That’s why you’re here. In this position. Facing that project. Married to that man. Involved in that friendship. Dealing with that issue. Living in that neighborhood. Spearheading that committee. Participating in that activity. Mothering those children. Living this life.

“Not because it has accidentally happened like this but because you have been known and chosen by the one Coach who sees you as uniquely suited, equipped, and capable of carrying out such amazing plans with such intricate precision.

“You are the one, my friend. You. Are. The One.”